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810 Infrared by Vielight

The 810 Infrared is another device used at NewBrain™ to stimulate blood flow in the deep ventral parts of the brain. It is an intranasal device that resembles a small light bulb that is inserted just within the nostril as a direct pathway to the ventral prefrontal cortex. By introducing light to a typically dark area of the body, the mitochondria of the cells generates energy that in turn energizes the ventral prefrontal cortex.  

The ventral prefrontal cortex is responsible for multiple things, such as processing of risk and fear, inhibition of emotional responses, decision-making and self-control. Using photobiomodulation therapy we can gently stimulate cells to function at a higher level and increase energy in this area of the brain. Photobiomodulation therapy also creates mild oxidants that leads to gene transcription and then to cellular repair and healing. Another benefit to photobiomodulation therapy is disentangling nitric oxide which is responsible for how our cells communicate. Nitric oxide also helps to dilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation, which improves functioning of not only the ventral prefrontal cortex, but other part of the brain and body.

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