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NeuroGuide by Applied Neuroscience, Inc.

At NewBrain™ we use only the best programs and software available on the market! To achieve this, we use NeuroGuide™  - a three in one program that combines qEEG, NeuroImaging and EEG Biofeedback. qEEG is similar to an EEG except we are taking your EEG readings and comparing them to a population of individuals of similar age and gender who have and do not have a diagnosis of psychiatric or psychological condition. While we do not use a qEEG to diagnose, we can visualize similar neurological markers and work from this as a starting point. Once you begin neurofeedback training, we can start to achieve more 'normal' brainwave patterns.  Neurofeedback therapy can help your brainwaves approach closer its optimal rhythm. 

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DISCLOSURE: The products shown below are not associated in any way with Trinity Psychology & Wellness, NewBrain™ or with testimonies given by our clients. The use of these products is not required but may be used to enhance the treatment experience before, during or after specific services we provide. We have not been paid to endorse these products; however, products purchased through the links below may provide a commission for us in addition to providing additional savings to the client or consumer.
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