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Forensic Evaluations

Judges and attorneys may recommend or require forensic evaluations for many reasons, especially for family, criminal and civil cases such as those including divorce, drugs/alcohol use or child custody cases. Our practice can provide you with these services, or in special cases, we give you a referral to another provider who can assist you.

If your case does not include legal involvement, you likely do not need a forensic evaluation. A Diagnostic Intake appointment with Dr. Montes can help you decide which type of evaluation is appropriate for your case.


Free 15-minute phone consultations are also available.

Tests Used

  • MMPI-2 – Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (Second Edition)

  • MCMI-IV – Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (Fourth Edition)

  • BRIEF-A – Behavioral Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning (Adult Version)

  • NCL – Neurological Check List

  • DCL – Diagnostic Check List

  • Beck Hopelessness Scale

  • Beck Anxiety Inventory

  • Beck Depression Inventory (Second Edition)

  • Brown ADD Scales

  • Clinical Interviews: Information gathered on developmental history, family constellation, social history, educational problems, and behavioral concerns

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