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Educational Evaluation

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Do you suspect you or a loved one may have AD/HD, Autism or a learning disorder such as dyslexia?
Do you often need extra time on tests and projects? Looking for a 504 or IEP? We can help!

Educational evaluations can provide valuable information about academic and intellectual strengths and weaknesses and can be used to meet requirements for 504 and IEP plans, Katie Beckett, SAT/ACT accommodations and for entry into specific programs or schools that can better meet your needs.

We are a preferred provider for local County Public Schools as well as for local home school groups, private schools, prep schools and more. Full and Mini evaluations are available!

Please call to hear pricing and promotions!

EDU Eval


Dr. Montes offers education and psychological evaluations. Below you will find more information about what they are used for and what is included. The first step to achieving any evaluation is a diagnostic intake session.

Commonly Tested Skills

1.      Basic Reading (Phonics)

2.      Sentence Composition

3.      Spelling

4.      Mathematics & Calculations

5.      Memory, Processing & IQ

6.      Essay Composition

7.      Visual/Auditory Integration

8.      Reading Comprehension & Fluency

9.      Sentence Composition

10.     Mathematics & Calculations

11.     Listening & Oral Language Skills

12.     Visual/Motor Integration

13.     Memory and Learning Style

14.     Attention & Concentration

15.     Reading Comprehension & Fluency

16.     Executive Functioning & Behavior

What's Included?
Components may vary based on scope of testing required.

1.   Diagnostic Intake Session

2.   4-6+ Testing Hours

3.   qEEG Brain Map through NewBrain™

4.   Executive Functioning Assessments (Parent/Teacher)

5.   Behavior Assessments (Parents/Teachers)

6.   Assessment of Self-Worth, ​Anxiety,  Depression, Anger  and Disruptive Behaviors

7.   Sensory Questionnaires (Parents/Teachers)

8.   10-25 Page Written Report Detailing Your Child's Performance and Scores

9.   Diagnosis and Related Information

10.  Accommodations & Recommendations for Home, School and Play

11.  Report of Findings Report Review Session 

White Sands

Psychological Evaluation

Sometimes counseling alone is not enough. Many clients find it difficult to fully express themselves in therapy, or need a little extra help understanding patterns in thoughts and behaviors that may be contributing to their symptoms. We can provide assessments that help you recognize your unique strengths and challenges and define a "roadmap" of who you are.


Psychological assessments are helpful if you have a problem that is impacting you emotionally, relationally, professionally, or even legally. These evaluations are very in-depth and consist of a series of self-reported behavioral, emotional and personality inventories designed to uncover various traits or tendencies that explain how you think, feel and behave. 


Psychological evaluations are required by most doctors and psychiatrists before you can be prescribed certain medications.


​Don't live another day questioning yourself. Find the answers you seek. Know where you stand. Take the first step toward feeling better by clicking below to schedule your first appointment to discuss the options.


Dr. Montes also provides a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to determine a fit.

Please call to hear pricing and promotions!

Tests Used

  • MMPI-2 – Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (Second Edition)

  • MCMI-IV – Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (Fourth Edition)

  • BRIEF-A – Behavioral Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning (Adult Version)

  • NCL – Neurological Check List

  • DCL – Diagnostic Check List

  • Beck Hopelessness Scale

  • Beck Anxiety Inventory

  • Beck Depression Inventory (Second Edition)

  • Brown ADD Scales

  • Clinical Interviews: Information gathered on developmental history, family constellation, social history, educational problems, and behavioral concerns

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