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The prices listed below are part of our general purpose fee schedule. Not all prices and services are listed. Pricing and services are subject to change without notice. Actual price and service may vary based on the needs of each case individually and is not guaranteed.

Trinity Psychology & Wellness will provide upon request a good faith estimate, or GFE, for any of the services listed. By providing this estimate, we are honoring our commitment to helping you achieve mind, body and spirit wellness at the best price. We strive to be upfront and transparent for all of our services and are more than happy to answer any questions.

We do not accept insurance for any of our services, but receipts (superbills) can be provided for submittal. By not accepting insurance Trinity Psychology & Wellness is ensuring that every session is kept private. History of diagnosis can exclude patients from certain insurance coverages. If there is not an insurance trail, sessions and treatments are at the disclosure of the patient.  

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Diagnostic Intake Session


Start here! Get professional guidance about what

services can benefit your specific needs.



We offer our services to children, teens and adults, individuals, couples and families.


Please call to get pricing

Psychological and educational evaluations are available. Dr. Montes caters the testing to your unique needs and pricing depends on your goals.


$375 - $725

Dr. Montes is a certified hypnotherapist and offers hypnotherapy to his clients if requested. Hypnosis is used in a variety of ways and is used to help those suffering form a variety of conditions that range from phobias to addictions.


Please call to get pricing

Using state of the art technology backed by years of research, we help individuals elevate their mental state using neurofeedback therapy.

Naturopathic Services


Assess your body's wellness needs through energetic scanning and kinesiology.

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