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naturopathic practitioner 

Our approach to counseling uses spiritual principles in a way that supports your goals as an individual, couple or family, while honoring and respecting the spiritual and religious beliefs of clients of all faiths. We are more than a helping hand - we help you uncover the strengths you already possess in order to cope with and overcome anything life throws at you. We are always accepting new patients, and always blessed by those who allow us to be a supportive part of their struggles and a celebrant with them in their triumphs. 


A variety of methods are available to help get you to your goals. Our skills include traditional talk therapy, NewBrain™ stimulation and neurofeedback, Alpha-Theta training, EMDR, and more. We even have several certified hypnotherapists on staff if you're looking for something less direct.

Counseling services are available for children, teens, adults and seniors.
We offer services to individuals, couples and families of all circumstances. 

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