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Helping you achieve mind, body & spirit wellness.

Trinity Psychology & Wellness and NewBrain represent a combination of treatments that provide a unique and affordable approach to diagnosis and treatment planning for a wide array of emotional, behavioral, learning, cognitive, neurological, and physical health related issues for children, teenagers, and adults. 

In addition to diagnostics and treatment planning, we provide an array of non-medical (i.e., non-drug related) treatment options in house for you and your children.  

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Our Story

Dr. Montes's Story:
I began my career in the helping profession when I had a profound conversion to the Christian faith as a 20 year-old college student at Hiram College.  It was the first real change that brought me to a place of spiritual awakening. I realized that there was more to this life than the empty pleasures of this world, and soon after my conversion, began studying the Bible and connecting with other believers. After graduating, I pursued ministry as a college campus minister and soon after attended seminary.  In the middle of many challenges as a pastoral intern, I questioned if my mission was to truly become a pastor and preacher. My inward inquiries inspired me to sit down with paper and pen and dig deep into my skills, gifts, and values.  At that point I had a profound shift and I was able to understand what felt to me to be "the etchings of my purpose and calling".  I wanted to help people with their mental health problems - I wanted to guide, support, encourage others to be the best that they could possibly be in this world. It was at that point I put my entire effort and energy into becoming a psychologist. After 8 years of work, I finally achieved my dream of becoming a doctor of psychology.

Dr. Christy's Story:
Ever since I was a little girl living in Colorado, I have always wanted to be a wife and a mother.  I loved the idea of not only being in that role but also thriving in it.  After moving to Georgia and graduating from Roswell High School, I attended Liberty University and obtained my teaching degree.  I met Bob in my senior year and we were married at the end of my college career.  After being married in 1992, Bob and I moved to Florida where he was able to get a job working for the Willough at Naples, an inpatient treatment hospital where he ran the Christian Treatment Program for drugs, alcohol, and eating disorder recovery.  I worked as a fourth grade teacher at Naples Christian Academy.  

The birth of our first child Kailee in 1996 was wonderful, but we both suffered afterwards.  I had postpartum depression and  Kailee had serious health issues.  We both needed medical care. I was able to get on medication to help me, but nothing seemed to help our baby.  To our dismay, no one could help our baby's skin rashes, eczema, digestion issues, and vomiting. Eventually, after a year of nothing helping, I was encouraged by a friend to seek help from Dr. Julia Eastman, a homeopathic and naturopathic professional.  To our amazement, and within a few weeks, our baby's problems were solved.  The healing was so miraculous that my curiosity was piqued to learn more.  I obtained help and training in homeopathic treatments, pursued knowledge in the use of supplements, and then embarked on naturopathic medicine.  After 4 years of learning first, I became a certified natural health care provider.  After an additional 4 years of study by correspondence, I obtained my doctorate in Naturopathy from Trinity University in Indiana.  

Meet The Team

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