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Christy Montes, ND, BS, CNHP, LEHP

Doctor of Naturopathy

Certified Natural Healthcare Provider

Christy Montes, ND, BS, CNHP, LEHP, Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Natural Healthcare Provider

Dr. Christy began her career path as an educator. She received her bachelors in education at Liberty University where she held a teaching certification through reciprocity in 37 states. After working in many private schools she developed a passion for helping people heal emotionally and physically. Dr. Christy began her healthcare journey by achieving one of the highest certifications in the field as a natural health professional under the National Association of Health Professionals in 2011. She then went on to graduate from Trinity University with a doctorate of naturopathic medicine with honors in 2015. Dr. Christy is licensed  under the Guardian Ecclesiastical Medical Association and certified with the National Association of Certified Professionals in the areas of muscle testing, consultations, and nutrition. She is certified in emotional CPR and has specialized in the technique of Bio-Energy Balancing, a technique of Voll therapy. 

At Trinity Psychology & Wellness, Dr. Christy offers her naturopathic services for every client  who is seeking an alternative approach to overall brain and body health. She offers a number of naturopathic services to uncover difficulties within the body and educate on best approaches to address issues. Dr. Christy’s approach to healthcare is primarily an educational one, she will not only teach a client about their body’s strengths and weaknesses, but she gives clear direction on what the body needs for optimal functioning.

Education & Certifications


Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner


Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health


Voll therapy from Energetic Wellness School of Naturopathy.


Certified in Emotional Center Point Release Therapy 


Certified in Nutrition


Certified in Muscle Testing & Consultations


Certified Natural Health Professional

Dr. Christy incorporates western and eastern traditions into her practice as well as her Christian faith. The Guardian Ecclesiastical Holistic Association is for holistic health and faith based providers to not only educate their members, but also provide a peer support network with other natural healthcare providers.

Dr. Christy found that a naturopathic approach to medicine not only helped her family but has helped so many others. She pursued her doctorate of naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health and has been helping people ever since. She felt a calling to helping others when her own daughter faced health problems as an infant. Dr. Christy has helped over two thousand five hundred people regain control of their health and healing. 

Dr. Christy wanted to gain a better understanding of how energies and compounds affect the body. Voll therapy investigates how individuals react to different compounds without having to ingest or try them. Dr. Christy uses tools that have been practiced for many years.

Dr. Christy is certified in Emotional Center Point Release Therapy from Energetic Wellness School of Naturopathy. This type of therapy assists in the alleviation of emotional attachment to certain triggers. Using specific points on the body can help an individual work through these emotions. Dr. Christy incorporates not only body health at her practice but also emotional. 

Dr. Christy believes that nutrition plays a monumental role in health. She has her certification in nutrition from The Institute of the Natural Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals and is able to perform nutritional testing. Often times, foods and other ingestible compounds can cause a multitude of symptoms. Consequentially, eliminating certain items may help diminish symptoms. 

Dr. Christy is certified in muscle testing from The Institute of the Natural Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals. Muscle testing is tool used to determine the strengths and/or weaknesses in the body that may be brought about by sensitivities in the environment as well as foods.  Dr. Christy offers to help individuals discover and eliminate the physiological negative or positive reactions. 

Dr. Christy is certified through the Institute of the Natural Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals.  She is a regular participant in continuing education opportunities to expand her skills and talents in order to deliver the best care to her clients. 


Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia

Dr. Christy is a 1992 honors graduate from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  She achieved  PK-8 Certification with reciprocity in 37 states. Christy was heavily involved on her college campus and was a cheerleader for the Liberty Flames. 

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