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Dr. Christy specializes in natural healthcare and regularly recommends individuals take specific supplements. After years of schooling, research, and experience Dr. Christy uses only the best in quality supplements on the market. This is because her loyalty is to her clients and not the companies who offer incentives to use their products.  Some of the more "well-known" companies recommended include Xymogen, Systemic Formulas, Anova Health, and several others.  

At times when inventory is low or out of stock, Christy provides a fast delivery method through the below links to her pharmacy pages to save time and eliminate the middle man. 

naturopathic practitioner 


Homeopathic Bottles

DISCLOSURE: The products shown are not associated in any way with Trinity Psychology & Wellness, NewBrain™ or with testimonies given by our clients. The use of these products is not required but may be used to enhance the treatment experience before, during or after specific services we provide. We have not been paid to endorse these products; however, products purchased through the links below may provide a commission for us in addition to providing additional savings to the client or consumer.
If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us.

Doctor of Naturopathy Certified Natural Healthcare Provider

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