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Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a non-invasive way to determine what stimuli affects one's body. It is well established that certain allergies and deficiencies can lead to health problems, especially  prolonged exposure. In today's world there is a myriad of stimuli that can affect individuals, even things one does not typically think of. Dr. Christy holds a certification with the National Association of Certified Professionals in muscle testing and has preformed thousands of tests for clients ranging in age and conditions. 


Muscle testing involves the practitioner gently applying pressure to the out-stretched arm or leg while introducing a stimuli. If the appendage does not move then we can infer that this is a positive response. A weak or flexible muscle would signal a weak response, which indicates that the stimulus being tested is being rejected. After determining which stimuli creates a negative response, Dr. Christy can work to eliminate or reduce the amount of stimuli one's body is exposed to. While this is not meant to diagnose or treat conditions, it can help in the overall maintenance of one's body. Recognizing and eliminating those items that provide stress is key to overall mental and physical health. 

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