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Bob Montes, PhD, BCN

Licensed Psychologist

Certified Hypnotherapist

Board Certified in Neurofeedback

Robert 'Bob' Montes, PhD, BCN Licensed Psychologist, Certified Hypnotherapist Board Certified in NFB

     Dr. Montes is a licensed psychologist, life coach, author, consultant, and university professor with extensive experience in treating clients of all ages. He oversees all educational, psychological and forensic evaluations we provide. He is also the director of NewBrain, and is board certified in neurofeedback by the BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance).  A frequent feature contributor to CBS 46 News, Dr. Bob specializes in children & adolescents with emotional, psychological, and learning weaknesses and absolutely loves his work! He offers traditional therapy, EMDR and hypnotherapy options.  He is a graduate of both the University of Akron and Ashland Theological Seminary. 

     As a diagnostician, Dr. Bob has consulted with and/or directly assisted with hundreds of families toward an understanding of their own or their loved ones' mental health conditions.  He is solicited by judges, attorneys, psychiatrists, and fellow psychologists seeking to understand complex emotional and psychological symptoms plaguing those for whom they care.  Dr. Bob's written reports are not only detailed and precise, but they capture the answers for which people seek. He combines 30 years of diagnostic skills and compassionate experience toward understanding people within the context of who they are, including their cultural, spiritual, and historical backgrounds weaved together with their values and beliefs.

     As a life coach and mentor, Dr. Bob connects very well with people of all ages, but particularly with young people seeking to explore the next phase of life.  He is aware, as a father and mentor to his own children, that life is not easily captured by "best laid" plans, no matter how well thought out. But if those plans are aligned with the desires of the heart (i.e., their true values) the likelihood is strong that they will receive the spiritual help in making all their plans succeed.  A big part of Dr. Bob's methodology is to help clients clarify and understand their values and uses hypnotherapy as a technique to strengthen changes. 

     As an author, Dr. Bob wrote articles for several weekly neighborhood newsletters on such topics as depression and anxiety to the topic of how to use humor to optimize daily functioning.  In his earlier years, his dissertation and published articles focused on addictions.  During his forensic years, he wrote a book entitled "Smart and Successful Custody Evaluations", where he described best ethical practices for therapists and psychologists involved in the field of forensics.  And as a marriage therapist, Dr. Bob tailored a short reader entitled, "The Colors of Marriage" in which he details a simple strategy to safely navigate through marriage and family conflict using colors to highlight feelings and thoughts, and permission-based dialogue to capture the "timing" of such discussions.


     While still practicing as a therapist and consultant, Dr. Bob found the time to express his gift for teaching as an adjunct professor for Truett-McConnell University.  He taught psychology to high school junior and senior students seeking college credit.  His winsome style and sense of humor combined with his deeply held Christian convictions for knowledge, science, and truth helped his students gain an understanding of the spiritual roots of human emotion and behavior. Dr. Bob has been frequently identified by his students as as a teacher/professor of impact.  

     Finally, as an educational consultant and evaluator, Dr. Bob has helped hundreds of students from grades K - 12+ acquire the help they need to maximize their academic potential.  Dr. Bob understands the needs of children who struggle with learning weaknesses or disabilities.  When children exhibit weaknesses, they fall behind their peers and suffer additional struggles in self-confidence and behavior regulation.  In Dr. Bob's research, he knows that before falling into worse outcomes, a child or adolescent should be evaluated thoroughly to assess for any weaknesses in order to uncover issues.  Dr. Bob then carefully crafts individualized solutions for the student, the parents, and the school to maximize the child's potential. 

Education & Certifcations


Trained for Certification in Hypnotherapy (pending)


Trained in Neuro-Stimulation therapy


Trained in Hypnotherapy


Trained in Neurofeedback


Trained in Brain Spotting


Trained in EMDR

1998-1999/ 2006

Trained in Domestic Violence Counseling


Trained in Eating Disorders


Trained in Addictions Counseling


Trained in Psychodrama and Regression Therapy


BCIA Certified in Neurofeedback


Licensed Psychologist


Licensed Professional Counselor


Licensed Mental Health Counselor FL


University of Akron in Akron, Ohio


Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio


Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio

As Dr. Montes practice grew, he wanted to offer more holistic services, including neurofeedback therapy. He is now the director of NewBrain and offers neurofeedback therapy to anyone who is in search of an alternative to traditional medication.

As Dr. Montes's love for psychology and people grew, so did his need to advance his knowledge base. Dr. Montes became a psychologist to offer more services to the community. He is now able to provide psychological and educational testing,
individual, marriage and family counseling.

Dr. Montes made the leap after finishing his time in Naples, Florida becoming a counselor to help individuals at a deeper level. He was also able to open his own private practice and help a variety of individuals. 

Dr. Montes started his career working at The Willough in Naple, Florida, where he worked with individuals with substance use disorder and eating disorders. During this time Dr. Montes found his calling to help individuals in need of mental health treatment. 

The University of Akron is an APA accredited university in the field of clinical and counseling psychology.  Dr. Bob's degree included training in counseling, in research, and in diagnostics. He completed a post-doctoral internship at Emerge Ministries that included rotations in child psychology, testing and diagnostics, and individual & marriage counseling.  Dr. Bob also worked weekly in Emerge Ministries' inpatient psychiatric hospital in group and individual therapy those cases of involving severe mental disorders.  

Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio is one of the largest known theological seminaries for Christian studies of its kind.  It was there that Dr. Bob received his master's degree in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling through the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) program. This program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and is approved by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapist Board (CSWMFT) to meet all academic requirements. 

Hiram College is a liberal arts college located in northeastern hills of Hiram, Ohio.  Dr. Bob received his bachelor of arts degree in psychology.  In addition, Dr. Bob attended Hiram College on a scholarship to play football and received accolade as a four-time all conference and a two-time All-America linebacker.  He was voted MVP of the league for two of his four years in attendance. 

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