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You must start a dream journal!

Stop blowing off your dreams! They are powerful messages to advance you to your next level! Please, take my advice on this one and you won't regret it!

Your dreams are a window to your FUTURE!

Renowned psychologists in history have told us that self-awareness can come from dreams. The most notable are Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Both had similar views on dreams but, as described by Kelly Burkelley, Ph.D., they differed on one major point. Freud saw all dreams as making sense of the past but Carl Jung believed that many of our dreams were projective of the future. This is also the Biblical view of dream interpretation identified in the stories of Joseph, as found in the book of Genesis and Daniel as found in the book of Daniel. Both characters interpreted dreams that were predictions of the future.

Today, most of us recognize that we dream but often do not retain our memories of those dreams because we imagine our nightly images and sensations to be simply useless chatter, often the amalgamations of outside or faint wishes and wants. Sometimes we realize, also, that our dreams are the accumulation of stresses that amount to the unfinished business of the previous day or days. And they can be!

But I think it is worthwhile to think of our dreams as something spiritually profound. And while I once heard a speaker humorously define the source of dreams as either from God, the devil, or too much pizza; I do believe that it is valuable to consider the source of dreams to be a spiritual message from the divine to take us to a better future. If we are to believe that we were placed here on this earth for a divine purpose and that our lives have meaning, we ought to consider our dreams as important. So, for the purposes of this discussion, I would like you to think of your dreams as a portal to deeper spiritual truths - a pathway for God's communications to you.

Let's begin with the practical.

  • First, decide to take your dreams as a serious connection to God and believe that your dreams are important communications that should not be ignored.

  • Next, keep a dream journal. Your dream journal could be as simple as a pen and notepad net to your bed on the nightstand to write down your dreams when you have them. Don't forget to include a small lamp or flashlight to see what you are doing.

  • Keep all other objects away from this direct area so as not to create a commotion when locating your pen and pad.

  • Write as many bullet points as you can remember in the order that you recall. Do not interpret the dream yet but do write down what the characters in your dream we're thinking if you know. This will help later when interpreting what you’ve written.

  • Go back to sleep immediately.

Here are some basic dream interpretation concepts that you might find valuable as you begin your dream journal. By Chris Hammond who is author of the Lucid Dreaming Course.

30 Common Dream Symbols

  1. Animals often represent the part of your psyche that feels connected to nature and survival. Being chased by a predator suggests you're holding back repressed emotions like fear or aggression.

  2. Babies can symbolize a literal desire to produce offspring, or your own vulnerability or need to feel loved. They can also signify a new start.

  3. Being chased is one of the most common dream symbols in all cultures. It means you're feeling threatened, so reflect on who's chasing you (they may be symbolic) and why they're a possible threat in real life.

  4. Clothes make a statement about how we want people to perceive us. If your dream symbol is shabby clothing, you may feel unattractive or worn out. Changing what you wear may reflect a lifestyle change.

  5. Crosses are interpreted subjectively depending on your religious beliefs. Some see it as symbolizing balance, death, or an end to a particular phase of life. The specific circumstances will help define them.

  6. Exams can signify self-evaluation, with the content of the exam reflecting the part of your personality or life under inspection.

  7. Death of a friend or loved one represents change (endings and new beginnings) and is not a psychic prediction of any kind. If you are recently bereaved, it may be an attempt to come to terms with the event.

  8. Falling is a common dream symbol that relates to our anxieties about letting go, losing control, or somehow failing after a success.

  9. Faulty machinery in dreams is caused by the language center being shut down while asleep, making it difficult to dial a phone, read the time, or search the internet. It can also represent performance anxiety.

  10. Food is said to symbolize knowledge, because it nourishes the body just as information nourishes the brain. However, it could just be food.

  11. Demons are sneaky evil entities which signify repressed emotions. You may secretly feel the need to change your behaviors for the better.

  12. Hair has significant ties with sexuality, according to Freud. Abundant hair may symbolize virility, while cutting hair off in a dream shows a loss of libido. Hair loss may also express a literal fear of going bald.

  13. Hands are always present in dreams but when they are tied up it may represent feelings of futility. Washing your hands may express guilt. Looking closely at your hands in a dream is a good way to become lucid.

  14. Houses can host many common dream symbols, but the building as a whole represents your inner psyche. Each room or floor can symbolize different emotions, memories and interpretations of meaningful events.

  15. Killing in your dreams does not make you a closet murderer; it represents your desire to "kill" part of your own personality. It can also symbolize hostility towards a particular person.

  16. Marriage may be a literal desire to wed or a merging of the feminine and masculine parts of your psyche.

  17. Missing a flight or any other kind of transport is another common dream, revealing frustration over missing important opportunities in life. It's most common when you're struggling to make a big decision.

  18. Money can symbolize self worth. If you dream of exchanging money, it may show that you're anticipating some changes in your life

  19. Mountains are obstacles, so to dream of successfully climbing a mountain can reveal a true feeling of achievement. Viewing a landscape from atop a mountain can symbolize a life under review without conscious prejudice.

  20. Nudity is one of the most common dream symbols, revealing your true self to others. You may feel vulnerable and exposed to others. Showing off your nudity may suggest sexual urges or a desire for recognition.

  21. People (other dream characters) are reflections of your own psyche, and may demonstrate specific aspects of your own personality.

  22. Radios and TVs can symbolize communication channels between the conscious and unconscious minds. When lucid, ask them a question.

  23. Roads, aside from being literal manifestations, convey your direction in life. This may be time to question your current "life path".

  24. Schools are common dream symbols in children and teenagers but what about dreaming of school in adulthood? It may display a need to know and understand yourself, fueled by life's own lessons.

  25. Sex dreams can symbolize intimacy and a literal desire for sex. Or they may demonstrate the unification of unconscious emotions with conscious recognition, showing a new awareness and personal growth.

  26. Teachers, aside from being literal manifestations of people, can represent authority figures with the power to enlighten you.

  27. Teeth are common dream symbols. Dreaming of losing your teeth may mark a fear of getting old and being unattractive to others.

  28. Being trapped (physically) is a common nightmare theme, reflecting your real life inability to escape or make the right choice.

  29. Vehicles may reflect how much control you feel you have over your life - for instance is the car out of control, or is someone else driving you?

  30. Water comes in many forms, symbolizing the unconscious mind. Calm pools of water reflect inner peace while a choppy ocean can suggest unease.

Have fun for the next 30 days with your dream journal and be sure to include this as a interesting topic of conversation for friends and family. You may find tremendous blessings from this.

Dr. Bob Montes is a psychologist in Alpharetta, GA.

He is the co-founder along with his wife, Christy Montes, ND, of Trinity Psychology and Wellness.

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