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Biofeedback Certification through the international alliance.
We were awarded best of Alpharetta, Georgia in 2021 doe marriage counseling.


At Trinity Psychology & Wellness, we provide professional counseling, psychological services, and family counseling for children, teens and adults. Trinity Psychology & Wellness values mind, body and spirit wellness. In fact, our whole body approach has made us a stand alone in the area. Our other services include educational and psychological evaluations, neurofeedback therapy, and naturopathic services. All of our services are offered in house. With seven highly skilled staff members, we are prepared to cater to your personalized needs. We are committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care within a compassionate and friendly atmosphere to feel welcome and at ease.

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Dr. Bob Montes and Dr. Christy Montes are the proud founders and owners of Trinity.

Psychology & Wellness

Achieve mind, body & spirit wellness.

     Trinity Psychology & Wellness was founded by Drs. Bob and Christy Montes. Together, they had a vision to help people reach wellness for the entire person. Our all-inclusive wellness model is one-of-a-kind and simply unmatched by other programs. Our tagline speaks to what we offer at Trinity Psychology & Wellness; namely, the trifecta of treatment for mind, body, and spirit.  


     In today's complex world, it is no longer enough to focus on single areas of functioning.  To provide complete healing for the whole person, treatment must include a multi-disciplinary approach.  We treat the neurological aspects of cognitive functioning with our cutting-edge neurofeedback therapy. We follow this with complete wellness service for the body with Dr. Christy's naturopathic expertise; and we treat the mind and spirit through Dr. Bob's counseling and guidance. To learn more click the button below.

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