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Sometimes counseling alone is not enough. Many clients find it difficult to fully express themselves in therapy, or need a little extra help understanding patterns in thoughts and behaviors that may be contributing to their symptoms. We can provide assessments that help you recognize your unique strengths and challenges and define a "roadmap" of who you are.


Psychological assessments are helpful if you have a problem that is impacting you emotionally, relationally, professionally, or even legally. These evaluations are very in-depth and consist of a series of self-reported behavioral, emotional and personality inventories designed to uncover various traits or tendencies that explain how you think, feel and reason. 


Psychological evaluations are required by most doctors and psychiatrists before you can be prescribed certain medications.

If you need an evaluation for a court case, or were referred by a Judge or attorney, your evaluation likely falls under a "Forensic Evaluation" category. Click here to see more if this applies to you.


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